Rebecca Martin Galerie

Tango in the New Museum

Dance into May with Monika Teepe and Friends

6:30 pm:  Practice session with professionals Katharina Lukoschek and Wilmar Gomez

8:00 pm:  Concert and Ball, with the voices of Rebecca Martin, Monika Teepe, Marie Müller, Esther Konto, and Sylvia von Zeppelin, as well as Fred Muncher (accordion) and Stefan Taschner (violin).

Showdance with Katharina and Wilhelm

Delicious food prepared by the elite cook Ferdinand Heinrich

TNM Tango im Neuen Museum, Klarissenplatz, 90402 Nürnberg

Tickets: 33€/29€ at the door, or 31€/27€ if ordered ahead at

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