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A Bouquet of Songs

A bouquet of Songs for Strauss

It is time to crawl out of our artistic isolation!  On Richard Strauss' birthday (which also happens to be mine), we want to celebrate the experience of live music-making with the wonderful songs of Strauss.  

The composer was born on June 11, 1864 in Munich.  Our program is built around two important groups of songs. Firstly, the Mädchenblumen Op. 22 (Maidenflowers), which associate four flowers with four characters of girls. They will be sung by my student at the Music University in Nürnberg Lucia Boisserée.  In juxtaposition to these youthful, sweet songs, I will sing Eight Songs Op. 10 on poems from Hermann von Gilm's album "Letzte Blätter"("Last Pages/Last Leaves").  These more autumnal texts also often center around flowers, but with the late bloomers!

We will round out the program with other songs of Strauss, sung by Annemarie Koller, Lautaro Nolli, Cecilia Fontaine (Ophelia songs, Op. 67), and Delf Lammers. Two wonderful pianists will accompany the singer: Linlin Fan and  Susanna Klovsky. We're happy to be able to perform in the beautiful Church of St. Marthaand are hoping that the rates of infection continue to sink.  

We ask all attending to write down their names and phone numbers at the door. Please register ahead of time at :

Entrance fee: € 20.  (For students of the Musikhochschule the entrance is free.)

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